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A Bright Idea: Wining, Dining and Spooning with Rodney Strong

Location: Spoon Bar & Virtual from 6:00 PM to 7:30 PM PST




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The second event in our TasteLive Tuesdays Series celebrates Earth Day with sustainably farmed wines from Rodney Strong Vineyards, the winery’s Green Light Pledge campaign to inspire folks to switch out light bulbs (make the pledge!), and a delicious recipe from H2 Hotel’s Spoon Bar. In fact, Spoon Bar in Healdsburg, California will appropriately be home base for the event, one of the world’s top eco-chic wine country destinations.


As a family owned winery with California farming roots dating back four generations, Rodney Strong Vineyards has made a serious commitment to sustainable winegrowing

In 2003, the family installed one of the largest solar electric systems in the wine world, generating enough energy to power 800 homes and reducing it’s dependence on the power grid by 35%. Additionally, custom lighting systems use motion sensors and energy efficient light fixtures to reduce energy use, minimize heat output in climate sensitive locations and optimize light quality. In 2009, the winery became the first carbon neutral winery in Sonoma County through the ClimateSmart program.


Click here to learn more about Rodney Strong Vineyards’ Green Light Pledge!


Now on to the tasting: Stefen Soltysiak (director of fine wine and educator), Justin Seidenfeld (associate winemaker), and Kristen Newsom (social media coordinator), will lead a panel of wine bloggers from around the country in sampling and reviewing the following wines:


2009 Charlotte’s Home Estate Sauvignon Blanc

2009 Chalk Hill Estate Chardonnay

2008 Reserve Pinot Noir

2007 Symmetry

And below is our Champions of Earth Day Blogger Panelists...

We also invite you to click here to visit the TasteLive Tuesday event page to learn more!

Amy Cleary @EducatedPalates winebookgirl.blogspot.com

I work on food and wine books at the University of Calfornia Press, tweet @educatedpalates and blog atwinebookgirl.blogspot.com. I also garden, parent and read a lot.


Theda Sandiford @Bondgyrl www.austinyankee.com and misstheda.com

Social Media Misfit, Wino, Collage Artist and Libertarian Living My Life Out Loud and Loving Every Minute of It!


Lain Bradford @winereview www.winetalk.org

The purpose of WineTalk is to assist consumers in finding great wines at affordable prices. I am dedicated to providing easy to understand and fun wine reviews.


Amy Corron-Power @WineWonkette and Joe Power @houstonwino www.AnotherWineBlog.com

A practicing attorney with expertise in marketing and PR, Amy co-authors Another Wine Blog. An avid sports fan, member of the Society of Wine Educators and self-avowed political junkie, she occasionally contributes to Palate Press and the nationally syndicated blog, MOMocrats™

Joe Power is the editor and publisher of Another Wine Blog. A misspent youth and a failed attempt at Rock and Roll superstardom left him with little choice but to turn to a life of drink. He claims to not be under indictment at this time, and a quick check shows no outstanding warrants.


Libby (@Sweet), Gwen (@Dry), Lynn (@Bold) & Jennifer (@Earthy)Together they are the @SwirlGirls www.pbpulse.com/swirlgirls

The Swirl Girls are four women who write about wine, wine culture and perfect pairings for The Palm Beach Post and beyond. They believe wine should be shared with friends, food and laughter. 


Frank Morgan @DrinkWhatULike www.DrinkWhatYouLike.com

Works in the Aerospace industry by day.  Dad (dad-to-be), chronic traveler, reader, observer, kinda runner, wine enthusiast and blogger by night.


Rob Bralow @RobBralow rbwinepost.blogspot.com

Current Wine Buyer and Manager of Blue Streak Wines as well as contributor to several publications online and in print.


Pamela Heiligenthal @enobytes enobytes.org/wine_blog/

Pamela is Enobytes co-Founder and Wine Editor with years of experience in the restaurant and wine industry.

Marc Hinton @macdaddy_m blog.oregonlive.com/wine

Seen it, done it, drank it and definitely have already eaten it.


Matthew Horbund  @mmwine agoodtimewithwine.com

Lets connect about wine, food, family & everything fun. I participate in a weekly radio show, do the occasional TV segment, and have a good time! I talk, a lot.


Megan Kenny  @sonadora  

 Wannabe Wino chronicles Megan and her husbamd's wine tasting adventures as they drink their way through an ever growing collection of wine.


Alan Chan  @amateurwino  www.amateurwino.com

The Amateur Wino is an interactive wine blog video series aimed at the average consumer who likes wine and wants to learn more about it in an easy and fun way.




Meghan Malloy  @educatedpalates   traveleatlove.com

Meghan Malloy started Travel, Wine, and Dine in June of 2009 as a creative outlet to tie together her love of travel, wine, and food with her writing experience. 





Grace Hoffman  @Cellarmistress  cellarmistress.blogspot.com

Grace is a wine blogger/wine lover and wine educator. Passionate about wine and all that it encompasses, she can't wait to share her wine-soaked adventures with the entire world!





Jeff Lefevre  @goodgrape  goodgrape.com

A Wine Manifesto is an "outside the beltway" insider's perspective on the business of wine written for wine enthusiasts that want to peek behind the wine industry's cultural "lifestyle" curtain.




Tim Elliot   @winecast  winecast.net

Winecast was launched in 2004 by Tim Elliott, a wine marketer, entrepreneur, adjunct professor of marketing and longtime wine lover.



David Honig  @palatepress  palatepress.com

Palate Press a modern on-line wine magazine, seeking out and publishing the very best wine writers and writings on the internet. 

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